And unleash your potential


The SOLVIK Cubes
by Victoria Solovyova

And unleash your potential

The SOLVIK Cubes
by Victoria Solovyova
From the Author
Viktoria Solovyova, an expert in the field of
Progressive Psychology and Psychogenetics.
My 20 years experience and research in the field of Progressive Psychology made it possible to create an instrument that helps to learn objective information about a person in order to unleash his/her potential in a real life.

Who are you?
Which way do you differ from others?
What is your way?
How can you motivate yourself?
How to activate your inner resources?

All the answers are in my SOLVIK Cubes.

The SOLVIK Cubes

The SOLVIK Cubes is the Applied Psychology instrument of the New Generation,
which activates human's inner resources, teaches to pursue opportunities
and unleashes potential!
How it works

The SOLVIK Cubes
Each Cube is the information

All the colours, lines, letters, numbers - everything matters. Every Cube you choose contains the information about you.

And you can find it out right now!

How do you react
in unexpected situations?
Some people get confused and some have a quick reaction and find a new solution. Anyway our reactions are different. And what is yours? Let's find out! Just choose a Cube:)
How do you react in unexpected situations?
Ask yourself and choose a Cube!
An unexpected situation is always an adventure for you. You are very creative and can find a way out from any situation. For you this is an opportunity to prove yourself.
You always have a detailed plan. When you face an unexpected situation, it makes you confused. Nevertheless, you can pull yourself together and find a solution. You just need time to do it.
You have a good reaction and act just the same moment you faced an unexpected situation. When everyone around becomes confused, you take charge of the solution.
An unexpected situation makes you feel worried and nervous. Your emotions bother you to find a solution. If you have lack of time, you become confused and full of doubts, what to do.
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What kind of travelling do you prefer?
You are always on the move and like leisure activities. You just hate being bored. That's why you choose places that guarantee you unforgettable experience and bright emotions.
You always have certain expectations from your travelling. And it's very important that everything went exactly as you imagined and dreamed. Then you really get pleasure.
You like well-organized travelling. You need comfort, tasty food, good interactivities. Your traveling must show your status and your level of life.
You prefer traveling away from fuss. You like nature and small cities. When you are travelling you are searching for the answers on your questions.
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Where can you get inspiration from?
You can be inspired by bright events, unusual new experience, meeting interesting people. You like extreme and overcoming yourself. It fills you with energy and inspires you to reach new heights.
You can be inspired by talking to a close friend. Also you enjoy spending some time on your own in the nature. You have a substile sense of the world around and can see miracles in really simple things. You can get inspired by the things no one else even notices.
You can be inspired by personalities of successful people. When you see their results you start to believe in yourself more. If they can – then you also do, and everything will work out.
The word "inspiration" is not very close to you, as you are the man of analysis. But you can be inspired thinking about the process. When you know what you want and do it, inspiration comes automatically.
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How do you make your choice?
Your choice is always logical and reasonable. You thoroughly analyze every possible variant considering all the details.
When making a choice you consider your own interest and angle, first of all. But your chose becomes difficult when you don't know what you want.
It's rather easy for you to make a choice. You are always ready to try. If the first try failed, you'll try again. Whatever happens you don't stand still.
It's often hard for you to make a choice. You have a lot of doubts and can't decide what exactly you should take in account.
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How do you behave in a conflict situation?
In any conflict situation you will defend your own interests. Even if you understand you're wrong while arguing, you'll go on proving you're right.
In a conflict situation you start arguing and strongly debating immediately. But that doesn't last long. You lose your interest soon and leave, or help the situation using your sense of humor.
You prefer to escape conflict situations. You become very emotional and start worrying a lot. It's often hard for you to defend your position.
It's hard to argue with you as you always have a reasonable point of view. And you defend it to the end. But if your opponent can provide you facts, proving he/she is right, you are ready to hear and consider them.
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One more time
Victoria Solovyova
The SOLVIK Cubes
if you want to:
Make your choices with no doubts
Set and achieve right goals
Make right decisions
Build harmonious relationships
Cope your emotions
Rejuvinate in a short period of time
of the experienced users and the new ones
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